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Avalon - not much is known about this floating island except that it is created by Kasper.


Kasper is a winged mythical being that escaped from his own world to take refuge in an alternate space dimension. He used the energy stored in the plumes on his wings to create Avalon and a whole self sustained living ecosystem. However, great power invites challenge and almost all beings from his world are jealous of Kasper, especially Litch.


Litch wanted two things, to build his own fortress on Avalon and Kasper’s plumes to boost his power by blessing him with the almighty cosmic wings. One night, Litch launched an attack on Avalon after consuming dark energy from the shadow realm. To stop Litch, Kasper used up all his energy to defeat Litch and sealed him back in his own world. A weakened Kasper then releases magical plumes that would create the Guardians Of Avalon, granting them wings and special abilities. They are the last gift from Kasper to Avalon, tasked to protect the island.


Till this day…no one have seen Kasper except for that streak of cosmic energy soaring across the sky during the battle with Litch. Some say he is still alive, just hibernating somewhere hidden on Avalon... is he? Only time will tell...

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