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Hi Peeps,

8 months of time and effort is spent on creating this collection, of which 6 months is spent on artwork in parallel with storyline, concept, roadmap, smart contract, deployment, marketing etc.

The first priority of this project is definitely to focus on delivering a collection that is as original as possible. There are too much collections out there with similar art direction. For sure, there are tons of amazing work in the space right now but it is getting repetitive. We do not want to be a "oh this is a XXX lookalike".


Secondly, it must be a form of expression from the founding artist, with freedom to design, with no restrictions. There is no point replicating other collections' art style or elements. That is not how to keep the NFT space healthy, with tons of replicas albeit they might have different utility. 


Thirdly, it must not be too overly complicated. This resonate with our roadmap as well.  Art is subjective and this space is mega huge. You can't scale and reach your audiences if you complicate things. Not everyone is a web3 expert or a Van Gogh.


The ultimate goal of this project is definitely to break into the Gamefi space but there are no intentions to rush it. There will be a characters development phase where we will focus on building out the storyline and the characters, giving them a place and a meaning in the Metaverse. We want the community to love the characters and not just create a game where they find it cool for a while. Be part of this project and community, we are sure you won't regret.

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